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Dennis Kardon

b. 1950

2 Charlton St. 12L

New York, NY  10014





2021    Strange Waters, Massimo De Carlo Gallery,                        London

2016    Fred Valentine Gallery, New York

                  digital catalog for show


2015    iPad Paintings, Techonomy, curated by

                  Elena Sisto, New York


2013    Seeing Through Surfaces, Garrison

                  Art Center, Garrison, NY

                  digital catalog for show


2008    Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York


2004    Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York


1996    Richard Anderson Fine Arts, New York


1991    A Conversation with Rococo Mirrors,

                  A/D, New York


1990    Studio Space, Simon Watson, New York


1989    Barbara Toll Fine Arts, New York


1986    New Paintings, Barbara Toll Fine Arts,

                  New York


1984    The Science of Beauty, Barbara Toll

                  Fine Arts, New York


1981     Barbara Toll Fine Arts, New York





2022    Pictus Porrectus, curated by Alison                                  Gingeras and Dodie Kazanjian, Isaac                        Bell House, Newport, RI,

2022    In Bloom, Piece Unique, Paris

2020    London Collective - Dennis Kardon and                            Matthew Monahan, Vortic Collect,                              Massimo De Carlo, London, UK

            Painting is Painting’s Favorite Food

                  South Etna Gallery, Montauk, NY

                  Curated by Alison Gingeras

2016    Within Reach (with Alexi Worth), Emily

                  Davis Gallery, Myers School of Art,

                  U of Akron, OH curated by Matthew


                  Conversation on Artcritical

            Beautiful Objects, Jeffrey Leder Gallery,

                  curated by Patrick Neal, NY

            Introspective, BravinLee Programs, NY

            Shaky Ground, Leslye Heller Gallery,

                  NY, curated by Dominick Lombardi

2015    Who, Leslye Heller Gallery, NY

            Uncanny/Figure, Dorsky Gallery

                  Curatorial Programs, curated by

                  Lilly Wei, LIC, NY

2014    American Academy of Arts and Letters

                  Invitational Exhibition, NY

2013    Thanks (Organized by Adam Parker

                  Smith), Lu Magnus Gallery, NY

2009    That’s All Folks, Stadshallen, Bruges

2009    Octet, Pera Museum, Istanbul

2008    Twisted into Recognition. Clichés of

                  Jewsand Others, Jüdisches

                  Museum, Berlin (Travels to Spertus

                  Institute, Chicago,2009 Jewish

                  Museum, Vienna, and in 2010 to

                  JewishMuseum, Munich)

2007    In My Solitude, Aeroplastics

                  Contemporary, Brussels

2005    Life and Limb, Feigen Contemporary, NY

                  (organized by David Humphrey)

2002    Super Natural Playground, Marella Arte

                  Contemporanea, Milan, Italy

2001    Self-Made Men, D. C. Moore Gallery, NY

2000    Private Worlds, Art in General, NY

            The Figure: Another Side of Modernism,

                  Newhouse Center for Contemporary

                  Art at Snug Harbor Cultural Center,

                  Staten Island, NY

            Revealing and Concealing: Portraits &

                  Identity, Skirball Cultural Center,

                  Los Angeles, CA

            The Nude and Narrative, PPOW Gallery,


1999    Foreign Bodies, Foreign Beings, The

                  German Hygiene Museum, Dresden,


            Skin, The Deste Foundation, Athens, Gr.

            Bridges and Boundaries: African

                  Americans and American Jews, The

                  Jewish Museum, NY, travelling to the

                  Muscarelle Museum, Williamsburg,

                  Va., Atlanta Historical Society,

                  Atlanta, National Civil Rights

                  Museum, Memphis, and

                  University Gallery, Amherst, MA

1996    Too Jewish? Challenging Traditional

                  Identities, The Jewish Museum, New

                  York Traveling to San Francisco, Los

                  Angeles, and Baltimore

            A Millenium Celebration, The Fabric

                  Workshop, Philadelphia

            Being Human, Museum of Fine Arts,


1995    Inside Out, Psychological Self-

                  Portraiture, The Aldrich Museum

                  of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CN

            In the Flesh, The Albright Gallery,

                  Reading, PA, and The Aldrich

                  Museum of Contemporary Art,

                  Ridgefield, CN (1996)

1994    …It’s How You Play the Game, Exit Art/

                  The First World, New York

            46th Annual American Academy

                  Purchase Exhibition, The American

                  Academy of Arts and Letters, NY

            The Second Parish Art Museum Design

                  Biennial: Mirrors, The Parrish

                  Art Museum, Southampton

1993    Any Given Day. John Post Lee Gallery,

                  New York

            Building a Collection: The Department of

                  Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine

                  Art, Boston

            American Academy Invitational Exhibition

                  of Painting & Sculpture, The

                  American Academy of Arts and

                  Letters, New York

1992    Slow Art, organized by Alanna Hess,

                  PS1 Museum, L. I. C., New York

1992    Tattoo Collection, Andrea Rosen Gallery,

                  New York,

1991    (Dis)member, Traditional Values/Simon

                  Watson, New York

            Kardon, Brokish, Kliavang, Wingate

                  Gallery, New York

1990    Fragments, Parts, Wholes; The Body

                  and Culture, organized by

                  Saul Ostrow, White Columns, NY

            Spellbound, organized by Christian

                  Leigh Marc Richards Gallery, L.A.

            Portraits, Althea Viafora Gallery, NY

1990    Body and Soil, Fernando Alcolea Gallery

                  Barcelona, Spain

1989    Erotophobia, Simon Watson, NY 1988

            Life-Like, organized by Marvin

                  Heiferman Lorence-Monk Gallery, NY

            Untitled (Slime), Simon Watson, NY

1987    Monsters: The Phenomena of Dispassion

                  organized by Maria Reidelbach and

                  the artist, Barbara Toll Fine Arts, NY

1986    Public and Private: American Prints

                  Today, The 24th National Print

                  Exhibition, The Brooklyn Museum, NY

            Painting and Sculpture Today: 1986,

                  Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana

            Nude, Naked, Museum of Modern Art,

                  Print Gallery, New York

            1976-1986 10 Years of Collecting

                  Contemporary Art: Selections from

                  the Edward R. Downe, Jr. Collection,

                  Wellesley College Museum,

                  Wellesley, MA

1985    Nude, Naked, Stripped, organized by

                  Dana Friis-Hansen,

                  List Art Center MIT, Cambridge, MA

1983    Prints from Blocks: Gaugin to Now,

                  The Museum of Modern Art





1973    Whitney Museum Independent Study


1973    Yale University, BA–Cum Laude





1998    Guggenheim Fellowship

1991    Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant

1987    New York Foundation on the Arts Grant





2010     Instructor, 3rd Year Representational

                 Painting, School of Visual Arts, NY


Now      Instructor, Foundation Painting, SVA, NY

2002     Visiting Artist, spring semester, Tyler Art

                 School, Philadelphia

1999     Instructor, Drawing Workshop, NYU, NY






Turner, Anderson     

            Within Reach, Akron Beacon Journal,

            September, 2016 review

Cohen, David             

            Dennis Kardon at Valentine,

  , April 2016 review

Fyfe, Joe 

            Dennis Kardon at Mitchell Algus, Art in

            America, December 2008 (illus.) review

Rubinstein, R.           

            Dennis Kardon at Mitchell Algus, Art in

            America, June 2004 (illus.) review

Johnson, Ken             

            Art in Review, The New York Times,

            March 6 2004

Mahoney, Robert       

            Dennis Kardon, Richard Anderson,

            Time Out New York, march 13-20, 1996

Karmel, Pepe             

            Art in Review, The New York Times,

            March 22, 1996

Smith, P.C.                 

            Dennis Kardon at Richard Anderson,

            Art in America, July 1996 (illus.)

Humphrey, David      

            New York Fax, Art Issues, summer 1996



            A Conversation with Simon Watson,

            Dennis Kardon, and Chuck Close,

            Balcon #7, 1991, p. 156 (illus.)

Mahoney, Robert       

            Dennis Kardon, A/D, Arts Magazine,

            Sept. 1991, p.83

Decter, Joshua           

            Kardon, Brokish, Kliavang,

            Arts Magazine, Apr. 1991

Westfall, Stephen        

            Dennis Kardon at Barbara Toll,

            Art in America, October l989; (illus.)

Brody, Jacqueline       

            New Editions: Dennis Kardon–Critical

            Mass, The Print Collector’s Newsletter,

            Jan-Feb, 1988, Vol. XVIII-No. 6;

Hart, Claudia               

            Monsters: The Phenomena of

            Dispassion, Artscribe No. 63

Maschal, Richard        

            Downe Collection Packs a Punch,

            The Charlotte Observer,

            Sunday, February 22, l987: (illus.)

Silverman, Andrea     

            Dennis Kardon, Artnews,

            September l986: Vol. 85/ No. 7, (illus.)

Brody, Jacqueline       

            New Editions: Dennis Kardon–

            Charlotte’s Gaze, The Print

            Collectors Newsletter, Sept-Oct l985,

            Vol. XVI-No. 4

Meyer, Jon                 

            Works on Paper, Arts, May l983,

Bleckner, Ross          

            Transcendent Anti-Fetishism, Artforum,

            March l979 (illus.)





De Wilde, Michel          That’s All Folks,

                                     Stadshallen, Bruges

Anker, Suzanne           Octet, Pera Museum,



Greenberg, Jeanne      Super Natural

                                     Contemporanea, Milan, It


Wei, Lilly                      The Figure: Another Side

                                     of Modernism, Newhouse

                                     Cultural Center, S.I., NY


Gilbert, Barbara            Revealing & Concealing:

                                     Portraits & Identity,

                                     Skirball Cultural Center,

                                     Los Angeles, CA


Gilbert, Andrea             Skin, The Deste

                                     Foundation, Athens, Gr.


Hürliman, A.                 Foreign Bodies, Foreign

                                     Beings, The German

                                     Hygiene Museum,

                                     Dresden, Germany


Kleeblatt, Norman        Too Jewish? Challenging

                                     Traditional Identities, The

                                     Jewish Museum, NY,

                                     Traveling to San

                                     Francisco, Los Angeles,

                                     and Baltimore


Snyder, Jill                    In the Flesh, The

                                     Albright Gallery, Reading,

                                     PA, and The Aldrich

                                     Museum of Contemporary

                                     Art, Ridgefield, CN (1996)


Strauss, Mark J.           Inside Out, Psychological

                                     Self-Portraiture, Aldrich

                                     Museum of

                                     Contemporary Art,

                                     Ridgefield, CN, 1995


Cunnick, Elizabeth       A/D at the Peter Joseph

                                     Gallery, New York, 1992


Zaya, Octavio               Body and Soil, Fernando

                                     Alcolea Gallery,

                                     Barcelona, Spain, 1990


Fine, Ruth E.                The 1980’s: Prints from

                                     the Collection of Joshua

                                     P. Smith, The National

                                     Gallery of Art,

                                     Washington, D.C.,

                                     December 17, 1979–

                                     April 8 l990


(unauthored)                 1976–1986 10 Years of

                                     Collecting Contemporary

                                     Art: Selections from the

                                     Edward R. Downe, Jr.

                                     Collection, Wellesley

                                     College Museum,

                                     Wellesley, MA l986


Walker, Barry               Public and Private:

                                     American Prints Today,

                                     The 24th National Print

                                     Exhibition, Brooklyn

                                     Museum, Feb–Apr l986


Friis-Hansen, Dana      Nude, Naked, Stripped,

                                     MIT, Cambridge;

                                     Dec.1985–Feb. l986


Walker, Barry               The American Artist as

                                     Printmaker: 23rd National

                                     Print Exhibition,

                                     The Brooklyn Museum,

                                     Oct. l983–Jan. l984


Castleman, Riva           Prints from Blocks:

                                     Gaugin to Now, The

                                     Museum of Modern Art,

                                     New York l983





            The Jocelyn Museum

            The Neuberger Museum

            The Skirball Cultural Center

            The Jewish Museum

            J.B. Speed Museum

            Los Angeles County Museum of Art

            Boston Museum of Fine \ Art

            Walker Art Center

            The New Museum

            Museum of Modern Art

            Metropolitan Museum

            Des Moines Art Center

            Indiana University Art Museum

            University of Iowa Museum of Art

            Brooklyn Museum

            New York Public Library

            Chase Manhattan Bank

            Prudential Insurance Company

            Peat, Marwich, Mitchel & Company

            Edward R. Downe, Jr. Collection

            National Museum of American Art

            Fogg Art Museum





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